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Buying used car in India? Keep an eye out for these factors

== Used cars should be checked thoroughly before purchase ==

Used car market is steadily rising in India, as working millennials now prefer to travel according to their convenience instead of having to wait for public transport, or take that weekend trip to rejuvenate themselves.

In case you are planning to buy a used car soon or would like to know all about the dos and don’ts in advance, here’s all about it.


  • 1 Car: The papers should be in order
  • 2 Accident: Vehicles with accident history is a big NO
  • 3 Bargain: If it’s too good to be true, expect foul play
  • 4 Parts: Spare time to calculate spare parts’ costs
  • 5 Rust: Don’t let your hard earned money rust away
  • 6 Sources


You can choose from certified used car showrooms, which provide guarantee and loan options or you can opt for a standalone used car dealer.

Here, you have to be a little cautious on what you are getting your hands on; sometimes stolen cars, with completely fake registration papers and insurance policy, get sold in the used car market. Always check papers thoroughly before buying.


While checking the papers if you find out that the vehicle has been in a major accident, it’s best to avoid buying it. The asking price may be lucrative and from outside it may look fine, but it’s damaged.

Chances are the integrity of the vehicle has been compromised and the chassis may get severely damaged if it goes through even a minor accident.


Also be a little suspicious if the owner is selling the car at a throwaway price, even if nothing looks wrong in the initial check up. Chances are there are problems, which the owner is not making you aware of because he/she wants to get rid of it ASAP.

Take a detailed look at the used car’s repair history, something odd will come up.


It is a good car and the owner is giving it away at a price, which suits your pocket. Before you take the leap, run a check on what is the cost of getting spare parts for this car.

If the spares are extremely costly or getting them repaired is going to cost you a bomb, it is not feasible for the long run.


Another important factor, that you need to keep in mind before buying a car, is to check for rust.

Rust tends to lurk behind the exterior and once it starts to spread, it can turn a car into junk very quickly. Remove the floor carpet and take a peek in that area; if you see rust, refrain from buying and look for other options.Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Jun 22

Stainless Steel Processing Efficiency Will Improve 50%}

Submitted by: Haven Frbiz

Carried out in stainless steel planer milling, the milling efficiency and service time is a compromise between the economic impact of the decisive factors. There is a mixed-device companies to test its machining process, be able to find a significant improvement in rigid and tough quality stainless steel milling efficiency.

1.4462 at material for the forging ring BAG pieces of raw materials on the use of profiling milling cutter for mixed shovel out a square by the hopper. And, at right angles to noodle cutter on the side of the transition section of milling

Mixing and at the field of mineral processing technology, is located in Paderborn the Loedige-Gruppe is the world’s largest one supplier. Cutting of the components must have the economic, technological improvements in exploration, the company with particular emphasis on chemical agents and high temperature resistant stainless steel milling BAG. In this operation, necessary in a very short period of time to reach a lot of cutting capacity, but at the same time achieve a longer tool life. Therefore, in the past used HSS milling cutter and the cutter by turning live longer, performance more reliable tool to replace. For the first phase of the experiment using Ingersoll Milling, select the use of common steel material 1.4462 BAG, such as long steel BAG 10m, a diameter of 250mm required axis of the centrifuge. A total of 10 steel bag can take shape in accordance with the corresponding mixture and mixed shovel. Two special shape steel ring bag from both sides of the seal on the shaft. In both steel pocket, have to milling into the bucket for mixing the pieces with the specifications of a square support. So far have been using a diameter of 50mm nested the HSS end mill, but at the cutting efficiency and surface quality and service life with regard to the effectiveness of access is not too great.

YouTube Preview Image

Selected with five adjustment angle of 90o of the blade, a diameter of 50mm at right angles to the 2J1C-based Ingersoll noodle cutter can be achieved 84.24m3/min cutting capacity, more than about 6% higher than competitors. Such achievements mainly attributed to 53m/min cutting speed, 0.1mm / tooth feed volume, 10mm and 50mm depth of cut of the successful application of cutting width. Feed through the three, steel BAG reverse at up to receive the wet milling.

Copying milling cutter blade has excellent heat resistance.

With the competitor’s right-angle milling cutter noodle compared to a longer service life, at the same cutting conditions similar to the adoption of Ingersoll Milling rectangular noodle processing three parts, the main processing time by 50%, thus, the additional equipment increase the capacity of 6h. Loedige processing on the company’s future plans, the most important point is nested in the wet milling cutter when the high temperature tolerance. Through good angle and sharp cutting blade, in the processing of stainless steel can be achieved when the feed volume of 10mm.

As a step after the two nested 5W7K profiling cutter type were tested. First of all, the use of the cutter diameter of 66mm for steel BAG emptied. The first knife to take the standard trajectory into the knife, then the following data and synchronous milling out appearance: cutting speed 120m/min, the cutting depth of 2mm, cutting width of 50mm, to promote the volume of each tooth 0.5mm.

At first test, steel BAG fifteenth accept wet feed, and then ten times longer dry milling. At a longer period of time during which the operation will have a knife after tumors of the free surface and minor wear, so in the future for all steel bag for wet processing. And the use of a diameter of 80mm, with six effective profiling cutter blade. At the same numerical cutting, this cutter on top of flat steel BAG 16.7min for dry milling, with the disc cutter competitors, this significantly improve the life of milling cutter.

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Jun 22

Oil leaking container ship might cause environmental catastrophe

Sunday, January 21, 2007

In the United Kingdom, an anti-pollution operation is under way after the stricken ship MSC Napoli started to leak dangerous heavy fuel oil.

The heavy fuel oil that is leaking from the beached Italian ship is extremely dangerous for the environment. Fear of pollution increased after the ship was further damaged during storms last Thursday. MSC Napoli was beached by Devon coastguards after it suffered heavy structual damage in the gale force storms of Thursday, 18 January 2007, that wreaked havoc across Northern Europe. The ship, which contains 160 containers of hazardous chemical substances, is listing at 35 degrees.

The entire 26-man crew was rescued by navy helicopters Thursday after severe gales. Cracks were found on both sides of the ship, but the current oil leak was not expected.

Around 2,400 containers were carried by the 62,000 tonne ship, some of which contain potentially dangerous hazardous chemicals.

The Coastguards have reported that up to 200 of the containers carrying materials such as perfume and battery acid are loose from the ship and they are looking for missing containers. South African stainless steel producer Columbus Stainless confirmed on Friday that there was at least 1,000 tonnes of nickel on board MSC Napoli.

A hole in the ship flooded the engine room and there’s now fears that the ship will break up. Saturday MSC Napoli was towed to Portland when a ”structural failure” forced the salvage team to beach it. As the storms have continued MSC Napoli has been further damaged.

The authorities have warned people about the pollution, which already has reached the beaches at Devon, but many want to see it on their own. Police have closed Branscombe Beach as more than 20 containers have broken up scattering their contents along the beach.

Sky News reported Sunday that the costs of the accident might be very high as thousands of pounds worth of BMW motorbikes, car parts, empty oak barrels and perfume might get lost in flooding containers.

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Jun 22

Australian carbon tax plans hit road block

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s plans to implement a carbon tax in Australia have hit a roadblock today with the national secretary of the Australian Workers Union Paul Howes demanding that exemptions be made to certain heavy polluting industries including steel production as well as concerns about whether jobs will be lost.

Steel producing companies within Australia including BlueScope Steel and OneSteel have supported the move by the union claiming that a carbon tax would affect Australian Jobs. Paul O’Malley, managing director and Chief Executive of BlueScope, said that “the tax threat is still real for the Australian Steel industry and for our customers.”

Paul Howes told The Australian newspaper that “if one job is gone, our support is gone.” Mr. Howes is a powerful figure within the Australian Labor Party who is believed to have been instrumental with the removal of PM Gillard’s predecessor Kevin Rudd. Support for the Gillard Labor Government has dropped to an all time low earlier this year, with only a 30% approval rating.

The move by the AWU has been supported by other unions in Australia, including the Transport Workers Union as well as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

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Jun 21

Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore

Monday, November 5, 2007

In the 1980’s and the 1990’s there were multiple allegations of sexual abuse of children or non-consenting adults in the context of Satanic rituals that has come to be known as The Satanic Panic. In the United States, the Kern County child abuse cases, McMartin preschool trial and the West Memphis 3 cases garnered worldwide media coverage. One case took place in Jordan, Minnesota, when children made allegations of manufacturing child pornography, ritualistic animal sacrifice, coprophagia, urophagia and infanticide, at which point the Federal Bureau of Investigation was alerted. Twenty-four adults were arrested and charged with acts of sexual abuse, child pornography and other crimes related to satanic ritual abuse; only three went to trial with two acquittals and one conviction. Supreme Court Justice Scalia noted in a discussion of the case, “[t]here is no doubt that some sexual abuse took place in Jordan; but there is no reason to believe it was as widespread as charged,” and cited the repeated, coercive techniques used by the investigators as damaging to the investigation.

One of the most visible Satanic organizations—though one that was never a suspect or charged in any of the Satanic Panic cases—is the Church of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey. Members of the Church, such as Peter H. Gilmore, Peggy Nadramia, Boyd Rice, Adam Parfrey, Diabolos Rex, and musician King Diamond, were active in media appearances to refute allegations of criminal activity and the FBI would later issue an official report debunking the criminal conspiracy theories of this time.

Gilmore feels Satanists are often misunderstood or misrepresented. LaVey’s teachings are based on individualism, self-indulgence, and “eye for an eye” morality, with influence from Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand; while its rituals and magic draw heavily from occultists such as Aleister Crowley. They do not worship—nor believe in—the Devil or a Christian notion of Satan. The word “Satan” comes from the Hebrew word for “adversary” and originated from the Abrahamic faiths, being traditionally applied to an angel. Church of Satan adherents see themselves as truth-seekers, adversaries and skeptics of the religious world around them.

On a windy October day in Central Park, Wikinews reporter David Shankbone sat down with the High Priest of the Church, Peter H. Gilmore, who has led LaVey’s congregation of Satanists since his passing in 1997 (he became the High Priest in 2001). They discussed the beliefs of the Church, current events, LaVey’s children and how Satanism applies to life and the world.


  • 1 Theistic Satanism (‘devil worship’)
  • 2 Church of Satan 101
  • 3 On current events and politics
  • 4 Religious and Satanic symbols
  • 5 The Iraq War: A Satanic perspective
  • 6 On New York City
  • 7 Marilyn Manson
  • 8 On the church after Anton LaVey
  • 9 Anton LaVey’s children and estate
  • 10 Sources
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Jun 18

Why Seabuckthorn Oil Could Be A Potent Skin Care Ingredient}

Why Seabuckthorn Oil Could be a Potent Skin Care Ingredient


Cory Thiarello

Seabuckthorn Oil is a product of the Seabuckthorn, which belongs to a group of species in the genus Hippophae. The most popular among these species, Seabuckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) has been traditionally identified as a key ingredient in several herbal medicines. Seabuckthorn possesses a rich content of vitamins and nutrients and therefore, is very effective for slowing down aging and medicinal skin care. It is also used in dietary supplements because of its nourishing and revitalizing qualities.

YouTube Preview Image

Seabuckthorn oil, probably the most heavily used Seabuckthorn product, is very effective in helping with the repairing of skin injuries including sores, wounds, burns, and eczema

Seabuckthorn oil is also very useful in providing relief from various mucous membranes conditions such as ulcers, lesions, and erosions. Skin cells require various nutrients for their metabolism to take place in an efficient manner. The high nutritional content in Seabuckthorn Oil makes it capable of supplying skin cells with the required nutrients and thus helps in fighting against premature aging skin symptoms including wrinkles and dryness. Another advantage is that oil residues on the skin is not a concern with Seabuckthorn Oil. This is because almost all constituents in this oil are essential for skin health and therefore, they get easily absorbed into the skin.

New studies also prove that Seabuckthorn Oil can play a key role in combating acne and rosacea. It relives the symptoms of acne by lowering the influence of immune system and endocrine (hormone) imbalances, and chronic inflammation. It is blessed with several powerful anti-inflammatory agents such as quercetin and salycins, and several groups of micronutrients such as Omegas 3,6, 7 and 9. These Seabuckthorn Oil ingredients combine to set the body’s hormonal and immune systems in the right order. Applying it topically can strengthen, thin, and soften the skin and reduce swelling, scarring, and inflammation. This allows the skin to get out of the inflammatory cycle and start healing.

Those struggling with rosacea symptoms can also experience relief with the help of Seabuckthorn Oil. As is the case of acne, topical application of this oil makes the skin smooth and stronger and lowers swelling and inflammation. Its functions as a mild analgesic and anti-microbial and improves the strength of blood vessel and cell walls. It also gives transdermal nourishment to the body. By taking Seabuckthorn Oil internally, moderation and regulation of the immune, inflammatory, and hormonal systems can be achieved. Taken in this way, it imparts strength to the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal system (that is involved in rosacea). It also retards the death rate of cells and enhances overall health.

FaceDoctor is a comprehensive source of face care products. It contains a variety of Seabuckthorn Oil products. It also has several other products including hair conditioners and slimming creams. You can navigate to FaceDoctor to know more about the site and its variety of services and products.

Cory Thiarello writing for


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Jun 18

Gay Talese on the state of journalism, Iraq and his life

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gay Talese wants to go to Iraq. “It so happens there is someone that’s working on such a thing right now for me,” the 75-year-old legendary journalist and author told David Shankbone. “Even if I was on Al-Jazeera with a gun to my head, I wouldn’t be pleading with those bastards! I’d say, ‘Go ahead. Make my day.'”

Few reporters will ever reach the stature of Talese. His 1966 profile of Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, was not only cited by The Economist as the greatest profile of Sinatra ever written, but is considered the greatest of any celebrity profile ever written. In the 70th anniversary issue of Esquire in October 2003, the editors declared the piece the “Best Story Esquire Ever Published.”

Talese helped create and define a new style of literary reporting called New Journalism. Talese himself told National Public Radio he rejects this label (“The term new journalism became very fashionable on college campuses in the 1970s and some of its practitioners tended to be a little loose with the facts. And that’s where I wanted to part company.”)

He is not bothered by the Bancrofts selling The Wall Street Journal—”It’s not like we should lament the passing of some noble dynasty!”—to Rupert Murdoch, but he is bothered by how the press supported and sold the Iraq War to the American people. “The press in Washington got us into this war as much as the people that are controlling it,” said Talese. “They took information that was second-hand information, and they went along with it.” He wants to see the Washington press corp disbanded and sent around the country to get back in touch with the people it covers; that the press should not be so focused on–and in bed with–the federal government.

Augusten Burroughs once said that writers are experience junkies, and Talese fits the bill. Talese–who has been married to Nan Talese (she edited James Frey‘s Million Little Piece) for fifty years–can be found at baseball games in Cuba or the gay bars of Beijing, wanting to see humanity in all its experience.

Below is Wikinews reporter David Shankbone’s interview with Gay Talese.


  • 1 On Gay Talese
  • 2 On a higher power and how he’d like to die
  • 3 On the media and Iraq
  • 4 On the Iraq War
  • 5 State of Journalism
  • 6 On travel to Cuba
  • 7 On Chinese gay bars
  • 8 On the literary canon
  • 9 Sources
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Jun 13

Americana Home Decor Displaying Patriotism}

Americana Home Decor Displaying Patriotism



The Americana home decor style is sometimes mistakenly taken for country decor. In reality both have their own distinct features and differ from each other, though some of the same techniques can be common between the two styles. Americana home decor is all about the American spirit that is proudly displayed in accessories, curtains, art, or anything else that can be designed in red, white, and blue to awaken your patriotic senses. Americana home decor widely uses items that are hand made, either as originals or reproductions; such style truly meant to rekindle the feeling and memories of days gone by.

Red, white, and blue objects are the core of your Americana home decor. They can come in any forms birdhouses, statues of Uncle Sam, wagons, stars, and hand made quilts. You can add touches in one place of the room, or put together a complete collection. A vignette is an excellent place to start. Usually done on a mantle or fireplace, an Americana vignette is when you place five to ten different Americana items together. Using a runner of red, white, and blue, you can add candle sticks, a mirror, a flag, apples, and possibly a birdhouse all done in the American colors to add a special look to your fireplace.

Since there are two types of Americana symbols, traditional and primitive, there are other symbols for your Americana home decor besides the American flag. Examples include the baseball game, the apple pie, and anything that conjures up images of the early 1900s. Primitive colors include deep burgundies, dark greens, navy blues, and many different patterns that include the popular checkered patterns.

Americana folk art is reminiscent of the early 1900s when life was easy. It can depict a family sitting around a large table, flags, roosters, trees, and sheep, anything simple and original to the surroundings. Navy blues, reds, and browns are the most common colors along with checkered pieces to add a splash of color as are barns in a vibrant red.

Rustic tins filled with wildflowers can give your home an early Americana home decor look. Alternatively, you can use jars for your Americana home decor. You dont even have to fill the jar. Just group a couple of original canisters and glass jars together to achieve a great look.

It is not a daunting task to achieve the look of Americana home decor. From Americana stars to God Bless America banners, you have multiple options to utilize, and here a lot depends on your imagination and wish to achieve the desired style.

For more information on

Americana Home Decor

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Jun 13

Popular soap opera ‘The Young and the Restless’ celebrates 35 years on the air

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The popular American soap opera The Young and the Restless, currently the reigning Emmy Award-winner for best daytime drama, celebrated 35 years on the air Wednesday.

The 35th anniversary also comes after the series, known colloquially as Y&R, marked its 1,000th straight week as the highest-rated soap opera in a daytime slot. In addition to keeping the #1 spot every week since December 1988, Y&R has also been the top-rated soap in the African-American demographic since 1991.

A trend-setter since the beginning, Y&R relied on character-driven storytelling, accentuated with understated sexuality from its cast, which at that time was mostly young, in order to bring in teenage and twentysomething viewers who were ignored by soap producers and networks up to that time. These traits immediately set Y&R apart from other soap operas, and other soaps have since mimicked Y&R’s formulaic approach to offering something for everyone, especially younger viewers.

Since premiering on March 26, 1973, Y&R has become a worldwide cultural institution in its own right, racking up an impressive 100 Emmy Awards between the writers, producers, cast and crew since 1974. The show has aired in over 100 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, and Turkey, and reaches a worldwide audience of ten million daily. So far-reaching was Y&R’s appeal that Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci chose the serial’s theme song as accompanying music to her floor exercises at the 1976 Summer Olympics. In Australia, where Y&R has aired since 1974, the show was canceled by the original network that aired it in 2007, prompting a widespread fan backlash in that country. It was quickly moved to a pay channel.

Over the past 35 years, countless characters, marriages, divorces, births, deaths, and every joy and trauma in between have visited the residents of Genoa City, where Y&R is set. To commemorate the milestone, Mike Halterman from Wikinews interviewed three actresses who have played long-running characters on Y&R, and asked them to share their memories. All three responded to questions about what being on Y&R means to them, what their favorite storylines were, what they perhaps would have wanted to do all over again, and what they’d love to tell their fans directly.

Below are portions of all three interviews.


  • 1 Wikinews interviews Y&R cast members
    • 1.1 Questions asked to all three
    • 1.2 Questions asked to Melody Thomas Scott
    • 1.3 Questions asked to Michelle Stafford
    • 1.4 Questions asked to Tricia Cast
  • 2 Sources
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Jun 13

Arson charge for man who cleaned home with gasoline

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ernest Krajniak from Chilton, Wisconsin in the United States has been charged with arson after a lit cigarette ignited gasoline soaked clothes, setting his apartment ablaze.

On Friday April 3, Krajniak, 47, cleaned his entire apartment with about five gallons of gasoline, wiping everything down with the soaked clothes. After he was finished, he piled the soaked clothes in the center of his bedroom, lit a cigarette and then threw what was left of the still lit cigarette, into the pile.

Krajniak never called the fire department and never pulled the alarm. Instead he yelled ‘fire’ a few times then walked to the police station where an ambulance took him to a local hospital for the treatment of minor burns. The fire department later arrived to put out the blaze and his apartment was extensively smoke damaged. 11 other apartments were also damaged, leaving the occupants without a place to stay for at least a week.

“I should have never used that,” said Krajniak during a court appearance on Monday. He admitted to knowing that gasoline was highly flammable. He was arrested and his bond has been set a US$2,500. Krajniak’s next court appearance is scheduled for Monday, April 13. According to WISinfo.com, Krajniak has no prior criminal record.

The careless smoking of cigarettes has been blamed for thousands of fires across the U.S. In January 2008, an unnamed elderly woman in Buffalo, New York was receiving oxygen for medical problems in her home and lit a cigarette and began to smoke it. The oxygen coming from her mask then facilitated the ignition of her clothing, setting her on fire.

In the U.S. in 2002, only 4% of all residential fires were reportedly caused by smoking materials. These fires, however, were responsible for 19% of residential fire fatalities and 9% of injuries. The fatality rate due to smoking is nearly four times higher than the overall residential fire rate; injuries are more than twice as likely. Forty percent of all smoking fires start in the bedroom or living room/family room; in 35% of these fires, bedding or upholstered furniture are the items first ignited.

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