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British doctor killed while on honeymoon

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Catherine Mullany, a newly married British woman, and her husband, Ben Mullany, have been shot while on honeymoon in Antigua. Catherine died on the scene, while Ben is in a critical condition in Hospital.

The families of the Mullanys have described themselves as “deeply shocked and devastated.”

The incident occurred at 05:00 Antigua time (09:00 GMT) on Tuesday, and it is being treated by police as a robbery. A police spokesperson described the incident. “Shortly after 5am this morning officers from the Bolans Police station responding to a call, arrived at Cocos Hotel and Restaurant in the Valley Church area, the scene of a murder.” UK police have been asked to help in the inquiry.

Catherine Mullany was a doctor, who, before her death, planned to become a GP. Ben was a physiotherapy student at the University of the West of England (UWE), which is located in Bristol, England. Mary Price, the Media Relations and Internal Communications Manager for UWE, gave Wikinews the following statement:

Ben Mullany is a third year physiotherapy student at the University of the West of England. Ben is a very good student who is greatly valued by staff and his peers. Staff and fellow students are deeply shocked to hear of this tragic incident. Our condolences go to his wife’s family and our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.
 This story has updates See British man dies five days after wife in honeymoon shooting 

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Sep 04

2008 Boao Forum for Asia starts with sectors on economy, environment, and the Internet

Sunday, April 13, 2008

“2008 Boao Forum for Asia” started two days ago in Bo’ao, Hainan, China, and participated with government and industrial executives worldwide. Because revolutions in the Web 3.0 era have made a major impact on global economy, several elites from the Internet industry like Kai-Fu Lee provided forecasts for this key industry in the forum.

Furthermore, Vincent Siew, the vice-president elect, provided his comments in the forum. But two coalitions (Pan-Blues and Pan-Greens) declared different comments on Siew’s participation.

But due to a hot topic of environment and greenhouse effect, Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, winner of 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, commented on this forum: “There were several sectors on energy-saving, not governments, but the public should play a great role in this global warming era.”

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Aug 28

Simple Tactics On Building A “Client Pulling” Website

By Michael Bryksa

A superior organization will often discover techniques to maximize its company’s assets. It doesn’t mean that a organization have to have a maximum manpower although. Some areas require to function without any manpower, like the website for example. In this case, a high quality technique, and following the guides in internet designing can be the key.

There are ways on how to implement much better suggestions in word wide web designing. While sticking using the rules, it will perfectly work if strategies are associated well. Harmony must be the way in this procedure. The initial guide is regarding the web designer. Corporations have their IT department to take care of this. A board will assign an IT head and also the IT head will facilitate the maintenance and upgrade within the word wide web. This is a decent alternative, as the IT individuals is going to be governed with company’s rules and suggestions. For small and medium sized businesses, they will most likely hire a firm to do their online as they think about this being a one-time deal. This option could save cash though.

Make it certain that the online design and style might be governed with guidelines that you laid down to your word wide web designer. The result could be subject for some editing before the world wide web is publicly published.

YouTube Preview Image

Match of identity. Your word wide web layout need to guide you for a matched identity of one’s image. There has to be a objective why you made a website. You could quite possibly want it locally, or maybe international, advertising or even on the net store. The layout must be balance giving it an image of one’s company’s purpose. In this way it may be even more interesting to stay on your online and harmony are going to be accounted.

Knowledge on the word wide web is one more recommendations to be observed. Prior to publishing something around the website, make it certain that the advice is reliable, so when the customer inquires about the insight, you’ve one thing being a reference of proof. This might possibly take some time and requirements some effort but this is worth. Information will guide a company’s trust as well as building of this clients to base their thing on your internet.

Rules has to be updated depending on season. Seasonal changes could quite possibly cause ups and downs around the company. Get prepared and use useful approach to aim for betterment and improvement. Application is tough to follow at most time but it only needs discipline and a role model. Then the rest in the team will just do the implementation if they can see that the owner themselves are regulated with the company’s rules and guidelines thus making it a lot more effective and every single aspect within the team could be dominated with their own rules and action.

Innovative technology is a different big rules to follow in world-wide-web designing. An innovative mind and application will result an advancement of company’s growth and expansion. Don’t limit your ability to expand and conquer the industry. It truly is a risk to take at very first but it truly is a potential to reach the peak of success.

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company. Regardless if you need a small “brochure” site, an e-commerce storefront or a complex database driven site with a content management system, Commerx designers can build it for you. Our

calgary website development

team will work closely with you to ensure that your website will function as it needs to, while still being unique and aesthetically-pleasing.


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Aug 28

Spain starts 2013 IPC Alpine World Championships with first and fifth place finishes

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

With the first day of racing completed earlier today in La Molina for the 2013 IPC World Championships, the Spanish team started the competition with a first and fifth place finish in the downhill event in the men’s visually impaired group. Jon Santacana and guide Miguel Galindo Garcés came in first; Gabriel Gorce and guide Arnau Ferrer finished fifth, three seconds behind Santacana and fourteen hundredths of a second behind fourth place Russian Ivan Frantsev and his guide German Agranoskii.

The rest of the Spanish team is scheduled to arrive tomorrow with women’s standing skier Úrsula Pueyo, men’s sit skier Óscar Espallargas, and women’s sit skier Nathalie Carpanedo scheduled to compete in the Slalom and Giant Slalom competitions, with the Slalom scheduled to take place on Saturday and the Giant Slalom for next Tuesday.

Other countries also started the IPC World Championships off well with Germany in the medal lead with one gold, silver, and bronze. The United States was second with one gold and a silver. France was third with one gold and two bronze medals. Austria was fourth with one gold and a bronze. Slovakia and Spain were fifth with one gold each. Canada was seventh with one silver and one bronze. Switzerland, Russia, and Italy were eighth with one silver each. Great Britain finished out the medal earning nations with one bronze.

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Jul 09

Flooring Tips: Top 10 Care Instructions For Real Hardwood Flooring}

Flooring Tips: Top 10 Care Instructions For Real Hardwood Flooring


Carlo Morelli

Did you know that real hardwood flooring can add significant value to your home? This is not only because it is a high quality flooring material, but also because of its timeless charm and ability to suit most dcor. Now, if youre going to invest in the considerable cost of installing real hardwood flooring, you should be prepared to protect your investment by putting in place some ground rules and also make a few adjustments to ensure that your pride and joy remains in beautiful condition for a long time to come.

There are several culprits responsible for damaging real hardwood flooring. UV rays from the sun, wet spills, overzealous cleaners and harsh contact with furnishings can all do significant harm. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy your floors without being a slave to them.

1.Attach felt or plastic pads to the bottoms of chairs, tables and other furniture so that they can be moved around without scraping the floor.

2.Lift furniture, and dont scrape it, as you move it around the room.

YouTube Preview Image

3.Avoid the use of toys, large or small, with wheels. The wheels are often made of hard plastic that becomes rough with use.

4.When vacuuming, use the brush attachment. Its even advisable to conserve one particular brush attachment for the real hardwood flooring and use a separate one for other areas of the house.

5.Sand and dirt are abrasive so keep mats at doorways to the rooms where hardwood flooring is in place. Wiping feet removes most traces.

6.Ask your flooring consultant about the correct cleaning agents to use on your floor. Different treatments on floors can require specialized products for cleaning.

7.While sunshine streaming in through the window makes us feel good, it has the potential to fade your floors over time. Keep drapes and blinds closed whenever possible.

8.Spills should be cleaned up immediately as liquids, including water, can stain real hardwood flooring.

9.Never walk on hardwood floors while wearing high heels, especially those with stiletto spiked heels.

10.If pets are housed in the area, make sure their nails are trimmed to avoid scratching the floor.

While the above list may seem like a lot of bother, its worth paying attention to these points so that your real hardwood flooring can stay in top condition for the long haul. Enjoy your home and your floor and use it an unused room is a wasted expense, regardless of whats on the floors, walls or ceiling.

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reclaimed wood floors


how to lay laminate flooring


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Flooring Tips: Top 10 Care Instructions For Real Hardwood Flooring }

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Jul 06

Five killed in mid-air collision over Warwickshire, England

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Five people have been killed when two light aircraft collided near to Coventry Airport in Warwickshire, England. One of the aircraft, a Cessna 402 carrying four people, crashed near Brandon Woods whilst the other, a smaller single engine aircraft with only the pilot on board crashed a mile away near to Coombe Abbey, Brinklow.

The crash occurred shortly after 11:30 BST this morning as both aircraft were returning to land at the airport.

The Cessna aircraft is owned by the RVL Group and was based at Coventry. All of those on-board were employed by the company and were carrying out survey work for a private agency.

Colin Dennis, managing director of RVL Group, said, “Of the four people on board the aircraft, there were two males and two females. Three of them were highly-experienced full commercial pilots. Two people were operating the flight, and the third pilot was assisting in the back with survey work, with a highly skilled survey engineer.”

“It’s a very difficult time because we are a very small company, a family kind of company. It’s an absolute tragedy that they should have been killed while doing this routine work.”

Spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service, Murray MacGregor, said that the ambulance crews met “quite a scene of devastation”. “Sadly there was nothing that could be done other than the grim task of confirming the deaths of the five people”, he said.

Warwickshire Police, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, and the Air Accident Investigation Branch have launched a joint investigation. The police have appealed for witnesses to contact them.

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Jul 06

Football Clothing The Perfect Gift For Football Fans}

Football Clothing – The Perfect Gift for Football Fans


Nammy Mike

No matter what sport you are into, if you are a big fan of a game then you probably love to express yourself with their official merchandise. Team merchandise is important for any fan, distinguishing them from the opposing team as well as showing their support for their own team and its individual players. Specifically in relation to football, the players themselves are distinguished by the clothes which includes a logo, their name and their number.

YouTube Preview Image

They are widely available as official merchandise for fans, and are an extremely popular gift choice.

The football clothes of the team you support are great to wear when watching any football match. It is great to see the other fans dressed in the same team colors, and to show your united support for the team. In fact some fans will even go one step further and choose ones that replicate those worn by a specific player of the team, including their name and number as well as the traditional team colors and logo.

To ensure that you get the best quality products, either for yourself or as a gift, make sure that you go to a good sports store. They will sell official merchandise at reasonable prices. The materials used to make clothes these days are suitable to wear at any time of day, making them extremely comfortable as well as fashionable for football fans. If you do not want to leave your home then you can also choose to purchase them online, and there are many official websites available where you can do this.

When you purchase them from any store you will want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. This means checking that the clothes are not imitations. To do this just check the quality of the fabric. If the item is official it will always be made from good quality fabric that feels soft to the touch as well as looking high quality. The colors of the shirt, which are often the most important part, should be bright and completely accurate according to your team colors. Apart from this, bad stitching is perhaps one of the most common giveaways of fake ones, as well as an inaccurate logo, misspelled player names, false numbers and so on. In short, if there are any mistakes with the football clothes whatsoever, then stay away from them and find an official merchandiser. In the case of the internet, do a search to make sure the retailer is reputable.

Don’t be caught out by fake football clothing. When you go to a match, you do not want everyone to see that you purchased a cheap design – you want to show your true support for the team. Make sure that you buy the right logo and purchase clothing that really supports your team. High quality clothes will last for years, which means that they are money well spent. You can also add to your experience by purchasing related items to take with you to the game and really have fun

For more useful information, please visit

Football Shirt

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Football Clothing – The Perfect Gift for Football Fans


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Jul 06

All bodies recovered from Canadian helicopter crash

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Funerals began Monday across Newfoundland for the deceased of the downed Sikorsky S92 helicopter that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on Friday killing 17 of the 18 people on board. All bodies have now been recovered, and the voice and flight data recorders have been retrieved to aid the investigation.

“We have a big attachment to the sea, even if a family is not directly involved you know how dangerous it is out there. Some funerals are strictly a family matter. In this situation there’s a large extended family because we’re all affected,” said Jim Maher, the uncle of Allison Maher, 26, the first deceased recovered after the crash.

The Archbishop of St. John’s, Martin Currie, said, “Tragedy is no stranger to the people of Newfoundland. They’re very resilient people and in a time of tragedy, they come together to support each other. Most of the communities in Newfoundland are small communities. Everybody knows everybody.”

The Transportation Safety Board has retrieved nine more bodies from the wreckage. The Atlantic Osprey is the offshore supply vessel which has been with the search and rescue effort since day one. The newly recovered bodies were taken back to St. John’s aboard the ship.

Since the recovery operations began Monday “it took 24 hours to get nine bodies out Each presents its own challenges depending on how it is entangled inside the aircraft” said RCMP Sergeant Wayne Newell.

Operations continued Tuesday to recover the final seven bodies tangled inside the mangled wreck 120 to 150 meters (394 to 492 feet) below the ocean surface. Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are being used in the icy waters to place the bodies in a basket so they can be raised to the surface. After the Atlantic Osprey arrived in port, the bodies were taken to the Newfoundland’s chief medical officer by hearse for identification.

Of the 19 people aboard, Robert Decker is the sole survivor. Decker’s family has informed the RCMP that he is not yet able to communicate. Decker, who was put on life support when first admitted to hospital with injured lungs and broken bones, has said a few words; RCMP investigators hope that he will be able explain what happened in the accident and assist with the investigation, possibly toward the end of the week.

Twelve names of the missing victims had previously been announced, and with family permission, the RCMP have now released the names of Corey Eddy, from Paradise, N.L., age 32, and John Pelley, from Deer Lake, N.L. age 41.

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Jul 06

Under-reporting of human Bird Flu infections poses worldwide threat

Monday, November 21, 2005

Possible under reporting of bird flu infections in China and other Southeast Asian countries may be promoting an illusory sense that human infections are very limited. Common press reports only describe fewer than 130 people as infected with H5N1 avian flu and that fewer than 70 have died worldwide. Yet, there are enormous problems getting accurate data, especially in a country like China with a population of more than a billion.

“Reporting a suspected bird flu infection in bird or humans is a very unlikely event,” said Dr. Shoshana Zimmerman of the eHealth Institute. She is also a founder of, a site dedicated to bird flu issues. “There are very few incentives to report, and lots of reasons to refrain from reporting. From the viewpoint of local rural small farmers, there is little to be gained and much to be lost by reporting an infection. The worse threat is that their flocks could be killed, leaving them destitute.”

There are many factors which mitigate against reporting bird or human infections of bird flu.

  • The deaths of chickens, ducks, and birds are common events for farmer. Even when a large number die at one time they may see no purpose in reporting the deaths.
  • When a human dies in locations with little or no medical services, the rural farmer’s priority for discerning the cause of death may be low.
  • In rural areas most people are not taken to hospitals when they are sick.
  • Bird flu symptoms are not widely known. If the symptoms are not known, they will not be recognized and reports of possible bird or human infections can not be made.
  • The expenses required for detection are those of proper collection and shipment of samples to one of approximately 200 laboratories worldwide, as well as the testing procedure that requires a two week period of waiting before results are obtained.
  • The lack of incentive for countries to report large scale outbreaks as it may lead to widespread panic and economic loss, as occurred with SARS. These factors can be seen at work in the way that the first bird flu death was reported in China,” Dr. Zimmerman stated.

A young woman, Zhou Maoya, died after returning home to the village of Yantan in Annui province to prepare for her wedding. Her family has stated that they did not take her to the hospital because they thought it would not do any good. Officials also note rural Chinese also often cite relatively expensive medical costs as a reason for not seeking treatment when sick.

Although initially authorities attributed her death to pneumonia the resulting political pressure prompted China to invite the World Health Organization to send experts to investigate. The authorities then rescinded the previous position and attributed her death to bird flu based on the similarity of the symptoms that she was reported to exhibit with those of bird flu. The village was quarantined and journalists were denied access. It is not known how many others might be infected in the village. Official announcements were made of plans to vaccinate and cull birds.

A local government official, Fan Qian, told AFP that it was believed Zhou was infected while she was outside of the province.

Fan Tan, a local official, told AFP news that 1,000 birds in Yantan had been culled (killed). Plans were announced to vaccinate 2 million poultry in the area, a huge and difficult task.

Zhang, another official, said authorities had met with all villagers to give them flu vaccinations and to tell them how to protect themselves against the bird flu virus, including not consuming poultry products. It is known that flu vaccinations do not protect against bird flu.

Villagers and local officials minimized the threat. In outlying areas of Yantan, residents said that they did not know of any new outbreaks. Other possible infections have been attributed to similar common causes but there have not been any tests performed validating those attributions.

Fan Litan, a peasant woman from Fantu village, about 2 miles from Yantan, lost many of her ducks, and chickens and also a dog; she has attributed these deaths to the acts of hooligans. She said her family had been extremely frightened when her animals suddenly died. “We were scared to death,” said Fan, standing next to a red sign posted on the outside wall of her home that said: “Prevention and control by the masses is basic for people.” Fan said ducks and chickens are all healthy but she admitted that she had stopped eating poultry. No testing of these birds has been reported yet.

According to a recent AFP report from Liuchang, 59 miles south of Yantan, the obstacles to identifying infections are enormous.

Like many, one Liuchang villager named Wang Hemin said he was concerned and would keep a closer eye on his ducks and chickens, but felt no immediacy since the infection was not in his province. He learned about bird flu on TV, and is aware that officials have come to his village of 2,700 people to warn residents about the virus. They offered guidelines: they told people that poultry which die suddenly could have contracted bird flu and should not be eaten or sold and that such an incident should also immediately be reported. However, the symptoms of H5N1 bird flu were not directly described.

Residents have not yet been fully informed of what symptoms to look for in ill poultry–they are fever, diarrhea, teary eyes and swelling in the legs of the birds. Though a pledge was made earlier in the week to vaccinate 2 million birds immediately, no bird vaccinations in this area have been reported yet.

In another nearby village, Nazahuang, chickens scuttle in and out of houses. One resident, Fan Jiexu, 73, said no officials had yet warned her village to take precautions. Throughout rural areas, it is customary for chickens to scuttle in and out of homes. Ducks and bird often die and are eaten by villagers when it is believed safe to do so.

China has reported 17 avian flu outbreaks as of this week. Despite the Chinese government issued high alerts, critical information is not being adequately communicated to some rural villages. The size of the poultry population, the common and normal occurrence of poultry death on farms, and status of roughly 70% of the poultry population as being kept in backyards are factors complicating infection control.

The head of World Health Organization’s China office, Henk Bekedam, is aware that slow reaction to bird flu threats and difficulty monitoring poultry in the world’s most populous country makes control of its spread challenging.

Testing is required to confirm H5N1 virus, and positive test results lead to the killing of nearby flocks. The incentive for many villagers, officials, and governments to minimize reports of H5N1 virus infections and severe medical and economic complications for making confirmations of infection are obstacles opposing complete and full reporting of the spread and infection rates of the virus.

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Jul 05

Advantages Of Having Tracker On Your Phone

Advantages of Having Tracker on Your Phone



In today s world, there is no doubt that having tracker on your phone is an absolute must. Here is a basic guide on how the process of mobile tracking works.

How does it work?

You have to be linked to the same service provider to usually be able to get the information. The person whose location you are requesting will have to grant you access in the set-up process in order for you to be able to get the location at anytime. Some software can get more intense, as it can capture very detailed information of who the person called, what pictures were sent and text messages sent.

YouTube Preview Image

Who is it for?

It can be very useful for parents with young teenagers; especially with all the latest social media it can be hard to keep track of your children s lives. Teenagers still need their privacy, so be careful as they can come to resent you or find other ways of doing the things they want to do. Therefore, rather use it for important things like finding out where they are when they are not home on time. It can also be very important if your child has to go missing, as the cell phone can be located very quickly.

Employers can also use this technology to know where their workers are, especially transport companies or sales representatives who cannot get hold of their employees and want to know their whereabouts or who they are making calls to. It can also be handy when you need to recall a conversion with a client.

Added extras

Some mobile tracking services will include a traffic locator, so it can record your home location as well as your work location. It will tell all the congested spots in the area from your home to work and vise versa, this can save you a lot of time if you know what route to take. It will provide you with a detailed map and a notification set a time you leave for work and home every day. Another amazing extra is the cell phone panic button ; this enables you to send a distress sms to four different contact numbers. This is a fantastic option for any age group.

Mobile tracking and

location based services

are essential in today s technological environment. These services are generally very cheap and are basically small change for any person that owns a phone with GPS. You never know when this small amount will save the life and you worrying on whenever your child is on the road.

Nicole de Freitas enjoys writing about the latest in technology, and has a particular interest in

Mobile tracking


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